PlayStation silently solves one of the biggest problems of PS4

According to a new report, the recent PS4 update, which Sony launched last week, solves one of the biggest problems with the PlayStation console. Earlier this year, it was discovered that your PS4 became useless if your CMOS battery was exhausted and had no Internet connection. Of course, unless PlayStation goes out and taking PSN, this should never be a problem, but in certain hypothetical situations, it is a big problem that caused a lot of alarm in the PlayStation community earlier this year.

To this end, according to the reports, PlayStation has solved the problem with the most recent update of PS4 without telling anyone. On Twitter, users of PlayStation, including YouTuber Destruction Games - has transmitted the news that, from the update, this problem with the console seems to have been solved.

So it seems that the firmware update of the PS4 9.0 solved the problem of CBomb, writes Destruction Games on Twitter. I tried it on my PS4 with the battery exhausted and the games no longer fail at the beginning and I can even win trophies, although the trophies obtaining dates will be blank. My date when starting my PS4 was 1969 and 5:00 p.m., which is the predetermined date and time in which the PS4 runs back with the battery exhausted, so my battery is definitely still exhausted. Also some other people who have tried it say that digital games also work .

SPEED SOLVING OF THE BIGGEST RUBIK’S CUBE IN THE WORLD 19x19x19 | #Shorts While other countries have echoed this affirmation, Sony itself has not confirmed it. That said, if Sony did not include this solution in the update patch notes, which was not like that, it is unlikely to talk about it now. However, when more information appears, we will update the story accordingly. Meanwhile, for more coverage especially with PlayStation, including not only the latest in PS4, but also on PS5, click here.


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